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MAC Noid ® Sets New Standard in the Paintball Industry
September 1, 2014
In MAC News

Wixom, MI –MAC Valves, Inc. has developed yet another version of its MACNoid™ solenoid for use in the newest Planet Eclipse® Ego11 marker.  This version of the MACNoid ™solenoid utilizes MAC® four-way Bullet Valve®lifting solenoid technology (patents pending) with integrated flow controls.

According to Jack Wood of Planet Eclipse LTD, Manchester UK; “Our newest paintball marker – Ego11 comes equipped with an industry first, a bespoke (proprietary) MACNoid™ solenoid – manufactured by MAC Valves, Inc.  USA that incorporates twin flow control devices. These Solenoid Flow Controls each comprise a quarter-turn adjuster which has a pointer to indicate position on an incremental scale etched into the body of the solenoid. The Solenoid Flow Controls are used to independently control both the forward and rearward speed of the rammer and bolt so that, for the first time ever in a poppet marker, the user can tune the feel of the marker with a simple twist of a screwdriver. In the time it takes to turn off the tourney-lock, the EGO11 can be switched from a high speed, uncapped, free-for-all machine to the softest, gentlest, smoothest shooting poppet you have ever felt — or anything in-between. The analogue adjustment allows an infinite level of control over the speed of the rammer and bolt in either direction, providing unprecedented influence over the dynamic characteristics of the marker. With the Ego11 it looks like you really can have your cake and eat it!” – YouTube link – Ego11 Indepth – Adjustable Solenoid Part 1