26 Series - Inline Valve with
                   Bullet Valve Pilot

The MAC Valves  26 Series is a Bullet valve® piloted 4-way, 5-ported, valve achieving a flow rate of .25 Cv.  Over two years of development has gone into the optimization of this new valve series which, while originally designed for the high speed dispensing market, can be utilized in a wide array of industries.

 While a spool design is typically used in piloted valves, the 26 Series utilizes a poppet in the main body.   This technology is known as a Pilot Operated Poppet (POP) design.  A standard spool type design has 4 seals (bore and end seals), while a POP design only has 2 (end seals), equating to reduced friction in the main body.  This reduced friction results in greater repeat-­‐ ability over the life of the valve.  Another characteristic of a traditional spool-­‐type valve design is a longer stroke.  This is due to the spool having to travel out of the bore before air can flow. A POP valve needs only to move off a seat for flow to be achieved, lending itself to additional speed when compared to a spool design.   Lastly, the 26 Series takes advantage of MAC Valves patented conical seat design.  These seats reduce wear in the main body, thereby increasing the life of the valve.

For information regarding certifications (such as UL, CSA, RoHS and CE) please visit the Get Support pages of our website.

Application, Installation and Service Precautions

Cv (Max):  0.25 (Consult factory for higher flows)

Port Sizes:  1/8", #10-32, M5, M7

Configurations:  Inline 

26 Series Information