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World Headquarters

Sales and Manufacturing
30569 Beck Rd.
Wixom, MI, USA  48393
1-248-624-0549 FAX

MAC Valves Europe, Inc.

Sales and Manufacturing
Rue Marie Curie, 12
B-4431 Liege (Ans), Belgium
32 (4) 239 68 68
32 (4) 263 19 42 FAX


MAC Valves Asia, Inc.

Sales and Manufacturing
No. 324, Sec 4,
Zhongzheng Road,
Zhongli District,
Taoyuan City, 320-52,
(886) (3) 498 6777
(886) (3) 498 8807 FAX


MAC Valves, Inc.

5555 Ann Arbor Rd.
Dundee, MI, USA  48131


MAC Valves Pacific Limited

13E Vogler Drive, Wirie
Auckland 2104, New Zealand
NZ: 0800-770-780
AUS: 1800-551-874
64 (09) 634 9401 FAX


How do I check on product availability?

MAC Valves goes to market through our global network of independent distributors for sales and servicing of our products. The Mac Distributor Network, MDN, is always focused on customer service and support of MAC Valve products anywhere in the world. To purchase a MAC Valve please contact your local MDN partner here.

I need a price quote, who can help me?

To help you with a price quote for our products please contact your local Mac Valves distributor that services your location. The Mac Distributor Network, MDN is a global organization of independent distributors representing Mac Valves and other fluid power and electrical manufacturers with the common focus of customer service, with inventory and support of MAC Valve products anywhere in the world. You can find them here.

Who is my local MAC distributor? What is the MDN?

MAC Valves distributors are dedicated to service specific geographic territories across the globe. Your MAC Distributor Network (MDN) partner is the distributor that services your specific area of the country. For this reason, they unable process orders from addresses beyond those boundaries.

Can I purchase valves directly from MAC?

MAC Valves are sold and serviced entirely by the MAC Distributors Network (MDN) with partners located across the globe. For purchasing information please contact your local MDN associate servicing your location. Find them here.

Help! I need a valve ASAP

To check on product availability at your nearest Mac Valves distributor, contact the MDN partner that services your location. They can place an order for the valve(s) you need in order to satisfy your delivery requirements by the most convenient means possible. Find them here.

How do I check on product availability?

To check on product availability at your nearest licensed distributor,  contact the MDN partner that services your location.  All of the Mac distributors stock significant inventories of product, and availability should never be an issue. Find them here.

Will my local distributor have the valve I need in stock?

Mac Valves designs and manufactures our products with a significant number of options and configurations. As a result of this, our distributors do not stock every product on their shelves. MAC valves are built to distributor or customer order and specification. For this reason, your Mac Valves distributor can tailor inventories to your specific requirements.

I’m not sure which MAC valve is optimum for my application. Who can help me?

For  help choosing which MAC Valve is the best choice for your applications, contact your local MAC Distributor Network (MDN) partner.  Each distributor has a dedicated staff of application engineers ready to optimize a solution to meet your requirements wherever your machines are located anywhere in the world. Contact your local MDN partner here.