Design Innovation

MAC Valves’ Commitment to Valve Design Innovation Gives Our Customers a Competitive Edge 

MAC Valves helps our customers leap frog and move ahead of the competition by providing innovative, highly-engineered pneumatic and liquid valve solutions  that work reliably over millions of cycles. Focused on solving complex problems and finding the best solutions for our clients, MAC Valves provides valve solutions that move businesses towards increased profitability.

Providing Innovative Valve Designs that Optimize Performance

With a company-wide focus on design innovation, our entire team, from our CEO, to our engineers, to our manufacturing and assembly specialists, works together to deliver highest quality valve solutions for our customers.

With over 100 patents for innovative and optimized valve applications, MAC Valves has a highly-engineered valve design that will meet the needs of your application without sacrificing reliability or performance.

MAC Valves’ commitment to innovative valve design means:
We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and challenges, working directly with your design team to engineer a reliable valve solution to meet your needs.
If we don’t have a valve solution that meets the needs of your industry or application, we’ll work with you to design an optimized solution.
Exhaustive and comprehensive valve testing ensure our designs will work properly to meet your specifications.

Design Innovation in Action

We’re never satisfied by simply providing a valve that works; our commitment to valve design innovation means we’ll work as an extension of your engineering team to provide valve solutions uniquely suited to the challenges and technical specifications of your industry.

MAC Valves has experience providing innovative valve solutions for many major industry segments. Our company supports valve design innovation through:

  • Vertical integration and quality control: Providing full solution testing from design through to final production.
  • Value-driven solutions: Extensive testing and refinement of our innovative valve designs increases throughput, reduces downtime, decreases energy costs, and dramatically increases the speed, reliability, and repeatability of your application.
  • Customized solutions: With over 100 unique patents and our own rubber compounding facilities (through our wholly owned subsidiary Great Lakes Rubber Company, Inc.) our engineers can design a valve that works reliably and meets your unique challenges.
  • Continued customer care through the MDN (MAC Distributor Network): Helping you choose a valve that works, and continually supporting your business to ensure your valve specification is optimal.

A design-led company since 1948, MAC Valves is committed to providing our customers with highly-engineered, reliable valves designed to fit every aspect of their most demanding applications. Contact us today and move beyond choosing a valve that works to choosing a valve that’s optimized for your needs.