35L Series
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35L Series

The MAC 35L Series is a direct solenoid operated 3-way poppet valve featuring our patented Bullet™ technology. Bullet™ technology is a unique hybrid technology that utilizes a “Lifting” solenoid (denoted by the “L” in 35L) with an integrated armature/balanced poppet. The solenoid configuration features fewer parts and fewer wear points than our standard 35 series solenoid. Our lifting solenoid design is isolated from airline contaminants and our signature balanced design means more consistent shifting forces and repeatable response times regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations.

Application, Installation and Service Precautions

Cv (Max):  0.17

Port Size:  1/8″

Configurations:  Inline – Stacking – Sub Base/Manifold:  Non Plug-in

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