54 Series
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54 Series

The MAC 54 Series is a 3-way balanced spool valve piloted by a small direct operated balanced poppet valve.  This is an extremely versatile valve: 1. It can be converted for use in vacuum.  2. It can be changed from a Normally Closed function to a Normally Open function.  Huge flow in a compact package size is the best way to describe this valve series.  3. It also can be converted to a remote air operated valve by removing the solenoid pilot assembly – just to name a few.  For information regarding certifications (such as UL, CSA, RoHS and CE) please visit the Get Support pages on our website.

Application, Installation and Service Precautions

Cv (Max):  4.1

Port Sizes:  3/8″-3/4″

Configurations:  Sub-base/Manifold Mount

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