The MAC Advantage

Superior Reliability and Repeatability 

MAC Valves’ innovative products have earned an industry-wide reputation for reliability and repeatability. That’s because we engineer our valves with a proprietary, balanced design that accounts for wear compensation and reduces wear points. MAC Valves are also engineered to ensure higher shifting forces to manage contamination with ease.

Industry Experience

Every industry needs reliable valves, and we deliver on our dependability promise with extensively tested, high-performance valve solutions that solve problems across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re looking for wide range temperature seals, performance in harsh or contaminated environments, or internal components designed to meet the challenges of your specific industry, you can count on MAC Valves’ wide-ranging industry experience to keep your equipment up and running without costly delays.

Custom Engineered Valve Solutions 

We’re committed to providing our customers with optimal valve solutions that fit their unique applications. Our design experience goes beyond providing valves that simply “work” to providing custom designed valves according to the needs of your industry and application. If MAC Valves doesn’t have a valve that’s the right fit, we’ll work with you until we design the optimal valve for your application. With over 100 unique patents, we’re as well known for our design innovation as we are for the reliability and longevity of our valve solutions.

Customer Focused Solutions

Founded in 1948, MAC Valves works closely with our customers to find the right valve solution for their application. We accomplish this by listening: to what’s working, what’s not working, and what you hope to accomplish. Whatever industry or challenge you’re facing, you can count on MAC Valves to provide high-performance valves that exceed expectations and meet your precise needs.

Proven ROI

It’s not enough to claim our valves are the best. We will assess your needs and demonstrate exactly how MAC Valves can save your business time and money. MAC Valves’ CPR® program quantifies the MAC advantage, allowing you to make decisions based on reduced downtime, reduced assembly issues, shorter changeouts, longer life, scrap, and inventory.

CPR® is a proprietary ROI (Return On Investment) process utilized by MAC and the MDN (MAC Distributor Network) to maximize customer profitability. The CPR® process has been utilized with hundreds of customers to propose millions of dollars in real bottom line savings since 2010.

MAC Distributor Network:

The MAC Distributor Network(MDN) is a global network of factory-certified experts in valve technology. Available around the clock and around the world, MAC distributors have deep knowledge of all MAC products along with an overall knowledge of complementary lines. Rather than providing a single product, the MDN offers entire solutions with the help of a responsive engineering and design team experienced in building new systems or making existing systems work better. Having a local MAC Valves distributor also means we can provide help in emergency situations, and quickly diagnose even the toughest of problems.

We look forward to demonstrating the MAC Advantage. Contact us today to discuss your specific valve needs.