INDUSTRIES: Transportation

High-Performance Transportation Industry Valves

Engineered for Harsh and Variable Operating Environments

MAC Valves, Inc., global supplier to the transportation industry, provides balanced, high-speed, highly repeatable air valves that function reliably, even in the harshest of operating environments. Our commitment to industry specific design innovation and engineering has helped make MAC Valves’ technology vital to the success of our transportation customers.

Designed to save money while meeting the needs of the locomotive, truck/trailer, truck chassis, concrete mixer, refuse, and aerospace industries, MAC valve solutions are manufactured for optimal reliability despite the variable temperatures, severe vibration, poor air quality, and wide voltage ranges that are common to transportation industry applications.

MAC’s Transportation Valves include highly-engineered solutions for mobile equipment and refuse, concrete mixers and batch plants, buses and coaches, and railroads and subways, and are ideal for the following applications:

  • Suspension/Air Bags
  • Lift Axles (Pusher and Tag)
  • Tailgate Latches
  • Charge Hoppers
  • Chute Locks
  • Fan Clutches
  • Water Tank Pressure
  • Volumetric Mixers
  • Dosing
  • Brake/Door Interlocks
  • Door Open/Close Systems
  • Kneeling Systems
  • Compressor Controls
  • Sanding Systems
  • Air Horns
  • Couplers

With wide temperature seals, wash down related components, plug-in electrical connections, custom Circuit Bar® manifolds, wide voltage range, surge protection, and combined electrical and manual operations, MAC valves are known throughout the transportation industry for high-performance designs, specializing in applications including lift axles, air suspension, tailgate latches, chute locks, charge hoppers, door interlocks, compressor louver controls, and airplane/train sinks and lavatories.


Features and benefits of MAC’s Transportation Air Valves include:

  • 3/2-way direct operated valves
  • Universal valves for all functions: 3/2 NO & NC 2/2 and NC selector or diverter valves
  • Reduced weight in compact package
  • Wide temperature range options including -50 to +60 degrees C, -40 to +60 degrees C, or -25 to +80 degrees C
  • Low leak rate at any temperature
  • Extremely low leak rate at high and low pressures
  • Large range of coils and connectors available
  • High flow characteristics (up to 500 NL/min) in compact package
  • Voltage variation: -30%/ +30%
  • Not affected by pressure variation or external vibrations
  • Fast and repeatable response times
  • Accurate switching
  • Strong resistance to contamination
  • Several mounting options including manifold/stacking and pressure regulator
  • Designed to work in harsh environments

MAC Valve Modifications for Transportation Applications

  • Varnished coils
  • LED/Spike suppression
  • Long energization coils
  • Extreme temperature solenoid grease
  • Thread locker on retainer plug and screws
  • Corrosion resistant fasteners
  • Lock washer solenoid covers
  • Protection seals on manual overrides
  • Heavy duty manual overrides
  • -30%/+30% voltage variations
  • Different types of manual overrides available
  • Hard coat anodized or nickel plated components

You can count on MAC’s Transportation Valves to perform exactly as they should, minimizing resistance to shifting forces, reducing friction, operating despite fluctuations in air pressure and air quality, and functioning with high speed and repeatability.

In short, our valves are the most dependable, customizable, cost-effective valve solutions for the transportation industry. Reach out today, we look forward to discussing your transportation air valve needs and helping to keep your equipment operating smoothly and efficiently 24/7.

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