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Committed to the design and manufacture of high-tech valve solutions for our customers around the globe

Since 1948, MAC Valves, Inc. has worked to establish and maintain global technological leadership in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and fluid valves, proportional valves, flow control, and regular technology.

With over 100 patents related to pneumatic valves and their auxiliary components, MAC is dedicated to designing technologically advanced industrial valve solutions that meet our customers’ unique and exacting needs, all while providing measurable and consistent value.

MAC Valve Technological Advantages and Customizations

From unique coils and specialized rubber compounds to drop-in and custom-fit solutions with special mounting or porting features, MAC Valves has the valve solution your company needs.

MAC Valves can be modified to fit your needs according to:

  • Speed of operation (high frequency)
  • Unique rubber needs
  • High, low, and variable pressure environments
  • Low leakage requirements
  • Specific electrical requirements (voltage/wattage)
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Unique mounting requirements (Circuit Bar®)

MAC Valve’s presence in most major industrial market segments around the world is a testament to our dedication to advancing valve technology with the features and performance our customers need most.

Superior Valve Technology and Measurable Value

Utilizing MAC Valves provides peace of mind based on measurable value, quantified using our proprietary CPR® process, driven by technologically advanced valves engineered for reliability, repeatability, high flow capability, and fast response times.

Contact MAC Valves  to discuss your needs, and how we might help improve productivity and keep your operations running while minimizing costly downtime and equipment failure.

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