36L Series
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36L Series

The MAC 36L Series is a direct solenoid operated 3-way poppet valve featuring our patented Bullet™ technology. Bullet™ technology is a unique hybrid technology that utilizes a “Lifting” solenoid (denoted by the “L” in 36L) with an integrated armature/balanced poppet. By reconfiguring the standard 36 Series push type solenoid construction to a lifting design while maintaining the balanced principles of MAC Valves, we have added the benefits of longer life and greater repeatability without sacrificing the technology that has made the 36 Series a market leader.   For information regarding certifications (such as UL, CSA, RoHS, and CE) please visit the Get Support pages on our website.

Application, Installation and Service Precautions

Cv (Max):  0.30

Port Size:  #10-32, 1/8″, M5

Configurations:  Inline – Manifold: Plug-in/Non Plug-in

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