Reduce Downtime With MAC's Custom Designed Pneumatic Valves

High-Performance Valve Technology Minimizes Shutdowns

When just one bad valve can cause expensive equipment shutdowns and lead to costly downtime, it makes sense to work with a valve company known for reliability, repeatability, and balanced valve designs. MAC’s dedication to valve solutions that don’t stick and work at peak performance isn’t just an empty marketing promise. Extensive testing combined with our CPR® program proves beyond a doubt that MAC Valve’s reliability offers a measurable return on investment (ROI).

MAC Valves, known for their long life and superior reliability, are engineered to have as few moving parts as possible, which reduces wear points in the solenoid. Our direct operated valves’ poppet design are capable of high flow with short strokes that both reduce wear on seals and allows for higher shifting force from the solenoid. This built-in wear compensation and high shifting force helps ensure MAC valves work, even after tens of millions of cycles. MAC valves are designed to handle contamination, all while minimizing repair time and shutdowns.

Optimized Valve Solutions Reduce Shutdowns and Equipment Failure

With an extensive line of in-house designed, optimized valve solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries, MAC Valves never “just makes it work” by offering inferior valve solutions prone to failure, sticking, and contamination. Instead, we engineer valve solutions in-house that precisely and efficiently meet the needs of our customers’ unique and demanding applications.

With over 100 patents for our high-performing pneumatic and liquid valve solutions, MAC Valves takes pride in offering our customers valves that work exactly as they should, all while reducing downtime and shutdowns with reliable, repeatable, contamination-resistant valves.

Valve customization according to proprietary rubber compounds, wattage, voltage, flow, mountings, frequency, and duty cycles means you’re not just buying a valve solution that “sort of” works. We’ll provide you with a valve solution that helps your operation run at peak efficiency, without costly shutdowns, time-consuming repairs, or premature valve failure.

Commitment to Testing Every Valve

Unlike valve manufacturers who batch test only a percentage of their valves, MAC Valves tests each and every valve. This commitment to 100% valve testing helps ensure our valve solutions function exactly as they should in thousands of unique customer applications.

Extensive Industry Experience and Dedication to Customer Service

With extensive experience in most major industry segments, AC Valves offers our customers highly-engineered, unique valve solutions that fit their specialized needs, keeping businesses functioning at peak efficiency while avoiding costly shutdowns.

A customer-focused company since our inception in 1948, MAC Valves global MAC Distributor Network (MDR) is committed to listening to customer needs to help determine the right solution for their application. Our dedication to customer service, around the clock and around the globe, is all part of offering valves with long life that minimize downtime.

Valve Information and Specifications 

For technical information on our pneumatic valve solutions, consult our valve catalogs, CAD drawings, valve literature, and compliance certifications. When you’re ready for valve solutions that operate reliably and significantly reduce downtime, contact us. We look forward to supplying your business with top-of-the-line valve solutions that save you time and money.