Featured Product: MAC Bullet Valve® Pump

Featured Product: MAC Bullet Valve® Pump
July 28, 2020 mdnmarketing
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Innovative Bullet Valve® Pump Technology from MAC Valves

Since MAC started showing the Bullet Valve® Pump technology, which was developed through the projects to products process, we’ve continued to send out samples for new project developments around the world. We are having success in applications such as Detergent Dosing, Protein Synthesis, and Precision Chemical Dosing for gas as well as liquids. Since the pump is self-priming there is no need for an external pressure source. The product is perfect for low pressure/vacuum pump applications, but even more exciting is its application for precision micro-dosing.

Check out the latest Bullet Valve® Pump video (this one has an emphasis on Liquid) and contact MAC to start a new project based on this exciting and innovative technology! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDHcSXwSqxA&t=15s

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